Hostage Negotiator Robert O'Brien has been named as the new National Security Adviser for U.S. President Donald Trump. Famous for his handling for American rapper A$AP Rocky's criminal case in Sweden, O'Brien is now the fourth national security adviser for the Trump Administration.

President Trump announced all of this on Twitter today. He was in California for the third and final day of the West Coast fundraising. In his tweet, President Trump said

This announcement comes a week after the president removed John Bolton from the position due to policy disagreements. Out of five candidates that were being considered for the position, O'Brien was selected due to his extensive background and experience. This position did not require the Senate's confirmation, solely relying on the president.

O'Brien's job as a special presidential envoy centers on the State Department's hostage affairs in which he will work closely with the families of American hostages. As an official, he will give advice to the administration's officials on the safety and other issues regarding the hostage. He was a former lead to the department's public-private partnership for the reformation of justice in Afghanistan. This took place under the Bush and Obama administrations.

President Trump believes that O'Brien is fit for the job as the new national security adviser has a long history of successful outcomes in navigating through state affairs and wishes him the best of luck in serving under his administration.