Gas prices in Philadelphia are up and it's all thanks to the Saudi Arabia attack. The drone attacks that halved the oil production capacity of Saudi Arabia. This has temporarily affected the world's second-largest crude producer to halt their activities, cutting the production of gasoline in half.

The capacity of oil production in Saudi will remain offline and will take quite a long time, extending a period that basically pushed the prices of oil up the roof.

The Saudi attacks temporarily wiped out more than half of the oil production capacity for the world's second-largest producer of crude, which is used to make gasoline.

Gas prices were raised up one cent in Pennsylvania. These increases are expected to be short-term, though it is quite unsure for now as this will only go down once oil production comes back online. Pennsylvania has the highest prices in the region, with a gallon of regular averaging an amount of $2.72. New Jersey's prices are much lower with an average of $2.49 per gallon with Delaware having the cheapest price with regular costing having an average of $2.43.