The story of the 20-year-old man who used a fake ID of the fictitious McLovin from "Superbad" actually managed to grab the attention of the actor who played the part. It may have been a crime that will besmirch his records but at least he got Seth Rogen's attention! That doesn't happen every day, you know! Daniel Burleson is guilty of possession of a fictitious license, that being "McLovin DOB 06/03/1981" along with possession of alcohol under legal age. He also is charged for being in a bar when he's underage and also for public intoxication.

He got Superbad, am I right? Cringeworthy jokes aside, the Iowa City Police don't have that much humor to get Burleson. So they arrested him for that many charges. Not everyone can ride the fake ID life, some will get caught, eventually. The Des Moines resident's one heck of an adventure was so entertaining that there were articles written about his failed conquest. That being said, it was WSVN 7's report that caught Seth Rogen and he was entertained by it.

To which Rogen retweeted:

Someone even posted a photo of his friend as a parody

The Police explained that Burleson was eventually caught not only because he broke the rules but also because he exhibited overintoxication. He smelled of alcohol, was slurring, had bloodshot and watery eyes, it's obvious he was so intoxicated he wasn't aware of his surroundings. He also got pretty agressive when asked to have a breathalyzer test.

He was released from Johnson County Jail but is scheduled to appear for a preliminary hearing for, you guessed it, possesion of a fictitious ID on October 31st. His actions are forever immortalized and Seth Rogen.

Just that.