A man and his wife were kicked out of a Philadephia 76ers game after they held up signs saying "Free Hong Kong" and "Free HK" in reference to the protests taking place in Hong Kong. Sam Wachs, a resident of Chestnut Hill, and his wife were kicked out due to their acts that offended some fans.

The security staff at Wells Fargo Center decided to ask the couple to leave as complaints from guests grew and verbal confrontations were already taking place. In their statement to NBC, they said "After three separate warnings, the two individuals were escorted out of the arena without incident. The security team employed respectful and standard operating procedures." So the term kicked out isn't even correct.

Wachs defends his stance as an act of free speech. However, people feel that the game was not a venue for his advocacy. After all, it was a game and people went there to have fun, not to hear protests. It disturbed fans who were there to support their teams and so Wachs and his wife are obviously in the wrong here.

This incident followed the controversy for the NBA in relation to the Hong Kong protests. Last Friday, Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey tweeted "Fight for Freedom. Stand with Hong Kong. " He later deleted the tweet but his actions offended several companies in China. The Chinese Basketball Association suspended its relationship with the Houston Rockets due to this incident.

China broadcast company CCTV announced that it will not air two exhibition games in Shanghai. Saturday, the southern city of Shenzhen followed suit.