The lanternfly massacre continues to go on in Philly. However, there's a problem that remained unsolved, until Candice Jeffries came up with a brilliant idea. The 35-year-old Cobbs Creek resident just came up with the best solution for all the lanterfly bodies: to make it into jewelry.

Jeffries said that she saw a spotted lanternfly jewelry years ago at the Philadelphia Folk Montgomery County. She marveled at the beauty of those bugs turned jewelry and had the urge to make out a wearable art out of nature. Jeffries is actually a Temple visual anthropology grad and transforming death into art is something she's known. She started doing so after she visited Walt Whitman's grave, where she found a dead fox and used its remains to make art and jewelry. This was the start of her small business, named The Whitman Fox.

While the lanternfly invasion hasn't fully infested Cobbs Creek, Jeffries found resources at the Lower Merion Conservancy. This is where she works part-time to teach children about watersheds and she just found a few bodies laying around.

Jeffries narrated that she just squishes the lanternflies and clip off their wings, disposing of the bodies in the woods. After that, she coats the wings in a laminating material and attaches it to fasteners and turn them into earrings. For now, this is the earrings she sells on Etsy for $28. She plans on experimenting with other materials such as silver and resins.

Jeffries observed that people aren't being responsible with their waste management, commenting that "People are just gleefully kill-kill-kill. It freaks me out how murder-happy we are with them. I get why we have to kill them but you can still have reverence to the fact that they are beautiful creatures."

Good thing Jeffries is here to save the day. Still, don't just kill and leave. Kill and throw it away, or better yet, give it to Jeffries who will set up a stall this weekend at the West Craft Fest. Let Halloween commence and head to the cemetery where they'd be holding the fest and buy yourself some lanternfly earrings to commemorate your amazing abilities in murdering those pests.