Philadelphia wins again, this time being one of the Best Coffee Cities in America! Of course, it's due to the amazing coffee shops and restaurants who treat coffee as an art and serve it to Philly locals treating themselves with the pure indulgence of this elixir.

Philadelphia lands at the 11th spot on WalletHub's statistics on this year's Best Coffee Cities in America report. The statistics compare 100 United States cities, judging them with a criterion of 14 key factors that a place the best to get coffee at. The research gives details on coffee shops, houses, the average price of coffee, households that own coffee makers and the number of doughnut shops in the area. Because let's face it, coffee and doughnut is a combo people can't live without.

In that category, Philadelphia grabs the third spot for the city with the most donut shops.

Give yourself a cup of coffee in celebration of Philly's achievement.