Yes, you've read the title right.

The famous Shamrock shakes are available. What's making a lot of people jealous at the moment is that it is only available in Philadelphia. While Shamrock Shakes are only available on Saint Patrick's Day Season, McDonald's is making an exception. This is to celebrate Philadelphia Eagles' start of the season. Some NFL fans who are rooting for other teams are also envious on the obvious bias towards Philadelphia Eagles' fans. Philly locals are most certainly surprised and awed with the gestures and special treatment they are currently receiving.

Although this is good news and all, McDonald's reputation for its malfunctioning ice cream machines is being brought to the light. There are fans, who posted on social media, that they are having difficulties in looking for locations that serve Shamrock Shakes. Other NFL fans are posting their jealousy and trying to unlock the secret as to how to convince McDonald's to serve special drinks for other teams.

All in all, bringing back Shamrock Shakes in Philadelphia to celebrate Philadelphia Eagles' season is a "limited time" offer which locals and fans will most definitely enjoy.