In his appearance on Fox & Friends, Basketball Hall of Famer Deniss Rodman gave a bold prediction about North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. This was an answer for the question as to whether or not U.S. President Donald Trump will be able to reach a deal with the dictator after their falling on the second summit in Vietnam that happened earlier this year.

He guarantees that President Trump will be able to do so, predicting

I think the fact that people better watch out for this: Kim Jong Un will be in America in 18 to 24 months. I guarantee it.”

Host Brian Kilmeade asked for a clarification with Rodman's prediction if this is a visit as a head of state or defection from North Korea. He did not specify. Instead, he emphasized that Kim Jong Un will visit America, and that's all.

In the past, Rodman visited North Korea on his own. He praised President Trump's ways of dealing with Kim Jong Un on his summit meetings with the dictator. He supports the president, often saying that he is doing a great job in his efforts of connecting U.S. and North Korea.