This week has been brutal for Philadelphia Eagles' wide receiver Nelson Agholor after their painful defeat against the Detroit Lions, with a 24-27 as its final. He also became the receiving end of the blame and insults. However, Agholor isn't taking all of these to heart. His name went trending after a man saved children from a house fire.

The man named Hakim Laws is being praised as a hero for his actions. Laws caught the children that were being thrown out of the window while waiting for the fire fighters to control the flames that engulfed the building. ESPN and CBS Philly covered this disaster with Laws being interviewed on the spot. Being sour at the defeat of his favorite team, Laws forgot the background of flames and smokes, proceeding to say "My man just started throwing babies out... We was catching them, unlike Agolor".

His statement went viral and Agholor himself commented, being kind in return to the insult he just received on television.
Agholor tweeted, "Thank you for being a hero in the community. Would like to invite you and your family to the next home game." Now that's a way of offering the other cheek.

The Philadelphia Eagles' next home game will be against the Jets on October 6.