Is it truly surprising?

Once again, Philadelphia makes history as one of the best places to hold Oktoberfest Festivals. They've ranked fifth in a survey taken nationwide by WalletHub. The criteria for the rankings are much more complicated than what it seems to be. The survey covers 100 cities and is scored based on three key dimensions; festival traditions, costs, and of course, the safety and accessibility of these festivals.

With a grand total score of 56.63 points, Philadelphia takes the 4th spot with its major points coming from being the home of the soft pretzel. Philly took 1st place for having the most pretzel shops. It also ranks first for its low number of Driving Under Influence incidents and fatalities. This meets the criterion for safety and accessibility.

Though Philly Oktoberfests spends a little more than the average, this only means that the city takes its festivals seriously. This made Philly rank 9th for festival traditions.

The key factors of WalletHub have been defined to avoid confusion and also show that there is no bias or favoritism that took place in their survey. The criteria for tradition is measured by the number of festivals per city; this includes the number of breweries and German restaurants per capita. Costs cover the average price of Oktoberfest tickets, beer, and food. Safety and Accessibility examine the data for crime rates, public transportation, and DUI related incidents. T
hat also meant they've included accidents that resulted in fatalities.

Many locals and tourists alike reveled with this news. It just shows how fun it is in Philadelphia.