Halloween is nearing but a bigger threat is already here. It will instill fear, as it should, to each and everyone who sees it. So pull up your big pants and be a good citizen. If you see a lanternfly, KILL IT.

These planthoppers, native to China, Indi and Vietnam, are a threat to the booming agricultural industry of Pennsylvania. The $18 billion industries that center on grapes, tree-fruit, hardwood, nursery, all of which are essential to Pennsylvania's beer and wine production. An article says that these invasive species are invading areas from Bucks County to Philadelphia. In 2014, Pennsylvania agricultural experts warned locals of its arrival. To which they've responded by killing these bugs and destroying their colonies.

The Spotted Lanternfly takes center stage in a short horror film by Mike Allebach, a known wedding and boudoir photographer, and also a known Philly figure. The film, which lasts for a minute, features a protagonist on a mission to destroy spotted lanternflies in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

It's basically a PSA as it asks the question "How many did you kill today?".

Allebach started a strange trend of uploading videos and photos of dead lanternflies. He also paired it with hashtags such as #SeekandDestroy and #LookOutforLanternfly. One guy delved into this trend and boasted his killing spree on his way to work, with a body count of 17 bugs. Another woman made it into a thriller story by saying she killed one lanternfly to serve as a warning for others. Well, it may not work that way but at least she killed one.

Philadelphia's Halloween now has a Lanternfly theme, kill the lanternflies!

Pennsylvania's Department of Agriculture asks locals to kill these bugs as it is their egg-laying season. Basically, it's telling everyone to commit mass murder on these invasive creatures that threaten the billion-dollar agricultural industry. Handle the egg masses that you'll mostly find on trees and outdoor furniture by scraping them off. Then, put the eggs in a bag or a container that has alcohol or hand sanitizer inside to kill it.

It's time to get messy and in true Halloween spirit, kill it!