"Elizabeth Warren is a hypocrite"

These are the words of Ed Rendell, former Philly mayor, Pennsylvania governor and chair of the Democratic National Committee. At this moment, ahead of the Democratic Presidential's Primary Debate on Thursday, he is coming after Elizabeth Warren. His op-ed on Washington Post centers on the lead Democratic presidential hopeful, titled "I like Elizabeth Warren. Too bad she's a hypocrite."

One of the reasons why Rendell believes Warren is a hypocrite dates back to the time when Warren claimed that she will not receive money that comes from ticket fundraisers that come from large donations. Months later, she had transferred a staggering amount of $10 million from her U.S. Senate reelection campaign fund to her presidential campaign one. Most of the money from the reelection campaign fund stems from large donations. If she was not a hypocrite, Rendell believes that she would only accept money that is from smaller donations.

Another reason as to why Rendell argues that Warren is a hypocrite is due to Warren's sudden switch.

Back in 2018, Warren received money from Joe Biden's private fundraiser that took place in Philadelphia. She received an amount of more than $2,000. However, in 2019, Warren is criticizing that certain fundraiser she attended and received money from, claiming that Rendell and the others were "power brokers and influence peddlers."

Those are the words that Rendell wrote in his op-ed. This is only the summary of what he wrote in the Washington Post.

As strong as Rendell's points may be, this does not remove the fact that he is also seen as a hypocrite by the public. He supports safe-site injection sites but has a history of throwing users to jail back when he was still a district attorney. Another reason as to why people can't take him seriously is because of his writing op-eds and criticizing others but hates to be called-out himself.

He told the Philly Mag after a news story was written about his op-ed that, The last thing I should be called is a hypocrite. I am not a hypocrite. I say what I believe. It’s been said that I shit where I eat, and that’s gotten me into a lot of trouble. But a hypocrite? Never.”