Harvard University broke their silence and admitted that they've received money over a ten-year-period from Jeffrey Epstein. The disgraced financier who is convicted for crimes such as pedophilia and infamous sex-trafficking network still has his past under review despite the fact that he's already dead. He is known to have given donations and funding to foundations and companies as a philanthropist.

Harvard's President Larry Bacow finally acknowledges the university's connection to Epstein. They have admitted to receiving a donation that sums up to $9 million from Epstein himself and his foundation. This comes from a letter to the community that was released on Thursday. They've announced that the university will hold an investigation to answer the question of whether or not Epstein was also a channel for other donors.

In his message, Bacow stated that

“Epstein’s behavior, not just at Harvard, but elsewhere, raises significant questions about how institutions like our review and vet donors. Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes were repulsive and reprehensible. I profoundly regret Harvard’s past association with him.’’

The investigation on Epstein's death and those who are believed to be suspects that took part in his acts of pedophilia and members of his sex-trafficking network are still going on.