The Philadelphia Flyers National Hockey League Team's beloved Mascot is turning one and he's savoring each moment. Gritty, the 7-foot furry strange orange creature took a leisurely stroll to breathe some fresh air. That and do some fan service in celebrating his big day.

Gritty may be turning one but he walks like a 25-year-old just contemplating life. The duality is real.

Many locals were amused and some even followed him around, from Penn's landing and all over the city. Some government walkers in the City Hall even left their desks to take a selfie with Gritty. Government worker and Flyers' fan Ashley Hall said that “We saw him from our office and we saw him holding balloons so we thought we’d come downstairs to wish him a happy birthday.”

Gritty was greeted with love at Love Park. He then made his way to the Art Museum. However, he took his time trolling the reporters who were following him around. Local Mason Miller professed his love for the mascot, saying “I love Gritty because he’s kinda like the rebel that everybody has deep inside them but are afraid to show but he loves to show it."

It's crazy how the mascot shocked the world at first due to his unconventional look. It was this exact look that made him so endearing, not only to locals but also other sports fans who continue to give him love on social media.

His squeaks and belly rolls made everyone fall in love with him. So much that after his stroll in the streets, he was greeted with a little birthday cake by his office mates.

Happy Birthday, Gritty!