Drexel University agreed to pay $189,062 to pay back federal grant money after it was used by a former department head. Chika Nwankpa, former head of Drexel's Electrical and Computer Engineering department, has been found guilty of using the money at local Philly strip clubs and sports bars. According to the U.S. Attorney's office, the grant funding used by Nwankpa came from the following departments; the U.S. Navy, Department of Energy, and the National Science Foundation.

Drexel found out Nwankpa was also using the grant money for personal purchases on iTunes, "goods and services" that are provided by Cheerleaders, Club Risque, and Tacony Club. He was able to get away with it for ten years, from July 2007 up to April 2017. Prosecutors confirmed that Drexel alerted the authorities and cooperated with the investigation. After the investigation, Nwankpa paid $53,328. He also resigned in 2017 after termination and has been barred from federal contracting for six months.

However, he was not charged.

Drexel is now taking measures in order to improve its auditing controls, including its charge approval and policies. Nwankpa worked at Drexel for 27 years prior to his termination.