So when are we going to talk about it?

Fight Club just turned 20 and it's been amazing how it became a cult classic for people. It's a great movie to watch, and also, meme about.

Some people still hate Fight Club for glorifying violence, far from reality and unrelatable. But really, is it truly unrelatable when we all have that hot, searing anger inside of us that just wants to get out? When we look at the characters, they have various reasons as to why they joined the Fight Club. There's Brad Pitt's character who is a soap salesman, Tyler the insomniac. It's not about glorifying anger. It's about the desire to have some control over things, even for a little.

The movie's oppressors are the same as ours today, credit card companies, corporations. These people have white-collar jobs and they find it unfulfilling. Some are also eager to show masculinity. Remember Bob? Yeah, he's the guy who survived testicular cancer and he wants to feel masculine again after he lost his, you know, organs. That's like their support group, but better. That is what organized chaos is and everyone at some point had it.

Fight Club is satire and inception of cynicism that allows people to have an open interpretation.

It differentiates violence from anger. It allows us to feel the type of anger when we've been robbed off of something dear. Like they have in the movie. That is Fight Club and people should talk about it. It's been twenty years, are we going to pretend it taught us nothing?

Aside from Brad Pitt hasn't aged a bit.

Also, this funny soap meme.

It's not bad to admit you like an old movie and there's a reason Fight Club is a classic. So talk!