The Philadelphia Eagles traveled to Green Bay and punched the Packers in the mouth to the score of 34-27. Actually, what really happened, is overrated Aaron Rodgers failed to score twice at the goal line. On the first attempt, he flopped for four downs and gave the Eagles the ball back at the one.

On the second attempt, at the end of the game, he threw an interception and Eagles downed it on the next play, ending the game.


Late in the game, just before the big goal line stand to seal the victory, Eagles safety Andrew Sendejo drilled Avonte Maddox. Maddox was taken off the field on a stretcher.

Earlier in the game, Packers running back Jamaal Williams took a helmet-to-helmet hit from an Eagles player and was carted off as well.

Don't forget, Aaron Rodgers has the same number of Super Bowl victories as Trent Dilfer.

Let's not forget to mention how well Jordan Howard (3 TDs) and Miles Sanders ran the ball. What took them so long to give Howard the carries? They signed him for what? Exactly!

Eagles take on the Jets in Philly on 10/6/19.