Philadelphia locals and sports enthusiasts have more reasons to rejoice this time. For now, forget the fact that the Philadelphia Eagles lost to the Detroit Lions last weekend and rejoice in the amazing breakthrough for Philly's esports landscape. Comcast Spectator is ready to change Philly's sporting landscape. While it already broke ground on its $50 million esports stadium last Wednesday, the ceremony marks the next step to be done in developing Fusion Arena. The 3,500 seat arena is dedicated to competitive gaming.

This rise will happen at the heart of South Philadelphia's Sports Complex.

On Wednesday's ceremony, Philadelphia Mayor Jimmy Kenney state,

"Fusion Arena changes the dynamics of sports as we know it. As esports continues to grow across the world, Philadelphia now will be a hub for international competition... This will provide more space for residents and visitors alike to participate in esports while expanding our business and hospitality sector on a global scale."

It's all true. The 60,000 square foot arena, that will open in 2021, is going to feature training facilities dedicated to all esports. Not only that, but the arena will also host Philly's esports professional team Philadelphia Fusion. Just to be clear, this is all owned by Comcast Spectator.

Comcast Spectator's Chairman and CEO David Scott commented that Philadelphia is the perfect city for the new arena. In his words, he pointed out that Philadelphia is "young, digital, diverse and global." Now that's praise that Philly residents should embrace and be proud of. It's basically Philadelphia taking over the esports world.

Experts predicted the arena's bright future in luring a global audience to Philadelphia. This also allows the city to expand its competitive gaming system and will add another revenue stream. Mayor Kenney agrees with the experts' sentiments and is 100% supportive in making Philadelphia the "Gaming City".