Chick-fil-A employee Tauya Nenguke is being hailed a hero due to his fast action that saved a man's life.

The 22-year-old team leader in Chula Vista, California, noticed something suspicious after looking outside and seeing a crowd in the parking lot. Nenguke handed his iPad to a co-worker and went outside to see what was going on. There, he found a 20-year-old man lying on the ground with his friends surrounding him. It turns out the man is going into cardiac arrest. Nenguke, who had pre-nursing classes and aspires to go to nursing classes, immediately gave the man chest compressions and asked the man's friends to dial 911. He taught the man's friends how to do CPR and they all took turns in doing it until such time that th paramedics arrived.

The man was immediately rushed to the hospital and is now reported to be in the safe zone.

Nenguke's story was posted on the Chick-Fil-A Facebook by the director of marketing and community relations for Eastlake Terraces CFA, Cheryl Shields. According to Shields, "The EMT stated that if it wasn't for his quick action, this young man might not have survived." She also hailed Nenguke as a hero for his brave actions.

In an interview, Nenguke said that "I knew that was the place where God placed me at that time. This was honestly a really big calling to be in health care because it was like instinct took over." The top commenters who know Nenguke say that he's the sweetest employee in that CFA branch and that he provides great customer service. Those who don't know him are still in awe with what he has done and commends the young man, wishing him the best of luck in his endeavors.