North Stanly High School squad was placed on probation after their photo of posing with a banner that supports Trump resurfaced. The photo which was taken before a football game last month resulted in controversy. The North Carolina High School Athletic Association placed all of the cheerleaders in probation. While the cheerleaders' parents believed that the girls posting with the banner were under the first amendment, NCHSAA had deemed it a violation of their policies, particularly on the promotion of political campaigns while representing their school. While this is not a form of punishment, the NCHSAA made this a notice for their actions against the NCHSAA Handbook Policy or contrary to expectations of sportsmanship and proper behavior. Should this incident be repeated, the cheerleaders will be suspended.

The NSHS squad is also facing death threats and condemnations with one mother saying that their children were racist, bigots and everything that they were not. While the Stanly County School sees that there is no ill intent with the students expressing themselves, politics must not be included in any events held within the school grounds. In a statement by the school district, they said that,

"Stanly County Schools respects the rights of its students, staff, and visitors to express their opinions in a respectful manner on their own time, however, Stanly County Board of Education policy prohibits the display or distribution of political advertisements on campus or at school events. Further, Stanly County Schools never makes political campaign endorsements. These policies ensure that all students, staff, and visitors are able to attend school events in an environment that promotes students and not a particular political viewpoint."

Parents disagreed with the school and association's decision. They still support their children and are doing their best to protect them from the threats they are receiving to this day.