The Community College of Philadelphia revealed their new mascot last Tuesday. With the audience consisting of CCP's students and staff, along with other Philadelphia team mascots, the new mascot was received quite well. This replacement comes after concerns of their old one being offensive.

Rory the Lion has brought up a renewed sense of CCP's spirit and enthusiasm. The proud lion is here to replace Colonial Phill, whose name is seen by students as something offensive and does not represent the college's diverse nature and its strong point of being inclusive to all.

Troy Bundy, the student body president in 2017, began the petition for Colonial Phil's replacement. He received more than 600 signatures from the students as they all share the feeling on the usage of the word "colonial" presenting a dark period in the country's history which was filled with oppression and prejudice.

In his statement, Bundy said,

I’m the man who started this, I put forth the petition. “I looked at the diversity of the school, and colonial and Colonials and what that meant. And I looked at the students and they didn’t really interact and he wasn’t a really interacting mascot”

The changing of mascot took two years and students are now embracing the outcome and carry the lion's pride. CCP and Philly's new mascot was present at the athletic events at the CCP and other events in the city. Rory the Lion made his first appearance at the volleyball game last Tuesday.