Now they don't have to worry about anyone talking about the Fight Club because their members naturally forget them.

Three employees at the Danby House assisted living facility started an upper ground version of Fight Club that comes with a twist; dementia patients are their members. Marilyn Latish McKey, 32; Tonacia Yvonne Tyson, 20; Taneisha Deshawn Jordan, 26, have been charged for elder abuse and have been arrested accordingly. The report was filed in June after the appropriately named fight club leaders were accused of fighting one another and encouraging patients to fight each other. These are people whose bones may break any time, what were they thinking?

The police force and North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services were shocked after finding out that Mckey, Tyson, and Jordan were doing such a thing. For one, each member assaulted disabled individuals at the Danby House assisted living facility. McKey is facing two counts for it.

The trio is set to appear in court this November. Danby House spokesman James Harvey has denounced this incident of a "Fight Club." The spokesman also relayed that the trio was fired immediately and administrators are all working with the police. In a statement to the police, the facility said that "Danby House has a zero-tolerance policy for the mistreatment of those in our care. Additional staff training and a more rigorous vetting process for all new and existing employees at Danby House have been implemented."

Due to this incident, the NCDHHS ordered a halt in admitting residents after they've found the Danby House' conditions being "detrimental to the health and safety of the resident." The suspension has been lifted after Danby House rectified their mistakes with a plan of correction. The department is now holding up unannounced inspections to see if the Danby House upholds its promise to keep their patients safe.

So basically, no Fight Club.