A 12-year-old student in Massachusetts was suspended for hugging his gym teacher.

The 12-year-old boy in Worcester Massachusetts was suspended for 10 days. This was due to a record of physical assault on a teacher. The foster mother of the Boy asked the Forest Grove Middle School and tried to change their minds. This lessened the sentence into a four-day suspension instead. Julie Orozco was told by her son that he hugged his gym teacher. The seventh-grader, whose name was not released due to him being a minor, said that he was fooling around with his friends when the teacher ordered him to sit out. The boy instead gave his teacher a hug and said "Please, I don't want to sit out." The boy loved the game that the teacher decided to reduce sit out time to 5 minutes and allowed the boy to play.

In his next period, the seventh-grader was called to the principal's office where the principal told him that he is suspended. Orozco did not expect the teacher to be alright with being touched. However, she expected that the teacher educated her students of the boundaries supposed to be upheld in her classroom. Orozco then proceeded to contact the school through several phone calls, emails and was granted a hearing. To Orozco, the handbook doesn't say that hugs are not allowed. Being a mother, she doesn't want this incident to be held against her son in the future.

She told the interviewer "If you can admit to me that you didn't have a mechanism or a process, or any way of informing students what your expectations were, but then in the same breath you say to me, 'He's 12, he should know hugs are not OKAY,' it's confounding."

The school district's safety director chose not to comment on the matter. The school committee will speak to Orozco this Thursday in a meeting to talk about her son and what he is going through.